Monday, September 20, 2010

Him, and Our Duty

A brief story-
About a journey to glory.
Of an humble and unattended birth,
Transcends into a model for the entire earth.
A fight against poverty,
A conflict to depose tyranny,
A struggle for the common man,
Opposed by the notorious, rich and the powerful clan.

The blood demanded food and freedom.
The oppressed voiced through Trotsky, their medium.
Victory was achieved.
Only to be lost to the obscure.
The battle at the expense of blood continues,
Finishing the job is what we have to ensure.

1 comment:

  1. Very good political poetry,the only correction that I would suggest id check the spelling for TROTSKEY (it should be Trotsky)

    The other thing your "red people" will attack you for putting Trotsky there, secondly only him.

    I also personally feel that you should consider adding Vladimir,unless it hampers the poetry- Any way write more political poetry & prose-Jagadish