Thursday, April 18, 2013

Notice for a Missing Girl.

She is fair and tall, a little slender though but not very athletic
Extremely lazy, and slow, but drags herself in grace
She was last seen in pensive mood walking by the corridors of my dream
In a jet black gown.
She had a pair of pearls fitted over her ears-
Aptly suited by another chain of pearls around her neck.
She was seen in light make up
Looked like she knew the reach of her natural beauty.
But she seemed well conversant with the fact
That her bold eyes look deeper once highlighted.
She is missing.
Missing since I was born.

She teases me in my dreams and leaves me empty at day break.
If you see her, please let me know.
I have waited long.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Are You the Girl?

I think I saw you today
Or may be not
For I was too lost in your eyes to be seeing you
While I explored the depths of your retina
Your dark red saree was a pleasant distraction
I think you complimented it with red stoned earrings as well
The ones that hang out to reach your nimble skin covering that
Adjoining part of the collar bones
Yes, I am sure it was those earrings of yours.
I remember you had told me once that they were your favourite
Infact, you wore them the first time we met.
I can’t forget it. For I was suddenly caught by this slim figure walking past me.
When I tried hard I could only see those red earrings peeking out of your silky hair’s lairs
I still sometime dream about that moment when I rushed to the tables where they were serving the buffet.
Only to be able to stand behind you.
And may be hope to hear your voice.
Yes! Truly after being stunned by your impact on my vision
My other senses to were desperate to realise you
You were highly engrossed in your friends
You noticed me only when you looked back to pick up a fork
My heart skipped a beat while you hardly cared beyond guiding that fork to your plate.
Now it’s my skin that wants your touch.
My nostrils have already smelled your fragrance, yet they are more demanding than my eyes.
I don’t know why? But it feels like they want to smell you once more.
My eyes would not do that.
They are easily contented or may be it’s your ability to leave lasting impressions.
My eyes tell me they can live my lifetime with that single glare at you.