Wednesday, November 17, 2010

From Sports to nowhere or may be even ZERO

When I refrained from building castles in the air and cautioned people from making unfettered joy about a lucky 2nd spot in the common wealth games, many I know just kept on bullshitting about how India was progressing towards International superiority based on the grand opening ceremony. I think now that we have CWG scam exposed and complacent Indian athletes failing everyone's unnecessary expectations at the Asian Games, people should learn to be patient and careful with a much more far sighted perspective in place.

It is these callous media hypes and such false sense of superiority that we are obsessed with, which ultimately prevents us from indulging into constructive criticism of ourselves and robs us of our ability to introspect.

To those of you who love India a lot, please be more patient. Don't indulge in irresponsible pleasure that takes a nation no where. It bars a nation from realising its true potential.

A nation has to be patient of all and then have an inclination towards holistic development. Firstly sports alone cannot achieve India sustainable glory. If that was the case then Dhyan Chand's motherland would have never had to worry about Hockey!! And even if we try to evaluate merit let us not confuse ourselves with superficial achievements such as the Common Wealth Opening ceremony being better than the opening ceremony at Beijing. That does not get us sporting glory .

When we praise such nonsensical issues and help them be blown out of proportion all we end up with are corrupt pricks like Kalmadi going unnoticed. Three of the people's representatives to the Lower House of India have been belaboured with corruption and nepotism charges in the recent past. And we the ignorant yet the largest democracy of the world prides ourselves of Aryabhatta and his zero without realising that our entire future would be synonymous to this great invention that has been overused for narcissistic and nationalist pleasure.

Infact our enitire democracy seems to have been built on thin air to serve the pick and chose tendencies of the short sighted nationalists.

An interesting turn of events in the recent past is that of President Obama visiting India and being honoured with a joint hearing of both the houses of our nation. This was a true picture of the democracy that we boast of. The honorary speaker was the one who have failed his own countrymen and is facing split congress in his own country.In fact he failed a few more people beyond his own country as well. Some not so politically polished people dreamt of sovereignty in their countries after "Fush was Bucked", and a few educated pseudo intellectuals had also conferred the Nobel prize on this hope. However what transpired later is today an open secret (known yet unspoken off). The audience in this hearing was no less important. There amongst the "honourable" lot was also sitting likes of Mr Kalmadi, Mr Raja recently shown the door for another set of open secrets. Miss Banerjee, Honourable Railway Minister of the Union could not resist being a part of this gathering as well. After all, it is her duty to attend to important parliamentary sessions. And what could be more important than Mr Obama speaking.

What happened that day was a joke, a joke in the name of democracy. People don’t bother to go and vote anymore. The ones who do, do not consider political consciousness. What we get is leaders like A Raja, Suresh Kalmadi, Mamata Banerjee, Barrack Obama, Shashi Tharoor and many more no better than the ones already named. Finally they create farse over such joint hearings of Parliamentary hearings Rabindranath Tagore and Aryabhatta (poor fellow) are named to arouse public sentiments and excuse oneself of the real duty in hand. We buy this and indulge in “opening ceremony glory”. “We the people of India” have forgotten their responsibilities. And the so called representatives of “We the people of India” are pleasing themselves at such an opportune moment.

Let us claim back what is ours and forget what we don’t need. We need peace, bread, shelter, education.  We don’t need opening ceremony superiority. We don’t need to say we are the best when we are not. We need good governance which is possible only through real democracy-where people along with their representatives contribute to governance, good governance.

Reclaim Democracy!!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Back Again

A ray of light suddenly intruded my life,
The pleasant intrusion concluded a long fought strife.
The ray, my sweet ray of hope;
Taught me to struggle, how to cope.

For long the fight had been on.
For long the confusion had been very strong.
For long I had misplaced the sunrise.
Sunset was all that valued my life’s price.

Present feels like I am born again.
With renewed strength, and vigour to fight new pain.
Nothing, I mean nothing now can give me a sprain,
Joy and merry is no more a subject to refrain.

Goes on a dream that fills me with fire,
Now, I am not gonna say-
I want to retire.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Common Wealth Games in Indian Colour

Just when we were not happy enough being apostles of a modified colonialist structure, we found our old way of satisfying ourselves realising our lust for corruption. And obviously to make things undoubtedly unpleasant the corrupt movement had to be led by a political face in this case a member of the Lower House (Lok Sabha) of India. Though his stake in the Indian Olympic federation has been questioned time and again, abhorrently unbothered, Suresh Kalmadi takes the first opportunity to accept the lead towards a corrupt organisation of the Delhi common wealth games.
For the first time in the history of the games, people are talking about how inhuman the accommodation facilities of the athletes are twenty days prior to the Games rather than the display of cultural and sporting interactions for a change. Can’t really blame those people, when the organisers have provided for Jaguar taps that leak, branded toiletries, that do not function and cosy beds with dog foot marks all over the mattresses. To make things worse for everybody else, the Indian ir-responsible authorities, have ensured that there are also problems of water logging in the verandah and the entry exit points to the buildings which has been erected for the purpose of athlete accommodation and regarded as games village.
The latest reports coming in bring another good news. Half of the volunteers have taken their kits and found a suitable exit from their responsibilities. We as nationals of India have again failed our state when it needed our support the most. It is high time that every individual starts considering his role as a part of the government’s role when it comes to nation building and making national events successful. A citizens contribution and responsibility does not end with a vote it stretches far beyond it.
To end this I have a few suggestions:
Ø People start considering themselves as a part of the government and welcomes the responsibilities thus falling upon them.
Ø Whether one agrees or not but one should not quit his responsibility mid way even for the sake of protestation as that would be an easy way out and nations cant be built on easy options.
Ø We must turn intolerant to all sorts of corruption.
Ø Ministers and other political figures should not be allowed to head sports federations unless he has been a sporting figure himself. (I do not doubt the possibility of finding efficient promoters of sport but it is not a risk worth taking when the practice has been vastly contrary.)
Ø After the games end there must be an investigative body instituted comprising of retired but honest IPS/IAS officers and eminent Jurists.
All the Best to the Games!! All the best to all the athletes!! I wish I could have congratulated the Indian Government and its people equally at the end of the games.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Him, and Our Duty

A brief story-
About a journey to glory.
Of an humble and unattended birth,
Transcends into a model for the entire earth.
A fight against poverty,
A conflict to depose tyranny,
A struggle for the common man,
Opposed by the notorious, rich and the powerful clan.

The blood demanded food and freedom.
The oppressed voiced through Trotsky, their medium.
Victory was achieved.
Only to be lost to the obscure.
The battle at the expense of blood continues,
Finishing the job is what we have to ensure.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Musical Identity Crisis

It was a fine guitar.
My dearest possession.
The tool to escape my life,
The life without any prominence or distinction;
The life, a mere proof of an existing biological function.

The only sense was from the music I understood.
The sounds created by those strings over the wood.
The notes would drown me to that world of imagination.
This was all I had for a fascination.
But it was not long that I lost my only passion.

The afternoon still survives in my memory,
The door bangs open, my uncle standing with a face
That gave away his fury,
His red eyes, the smell of his presence
Corroborated our doubts of his untimely alcoholic indulgence.

My mother screamed out Vociferous,
But the guitar did not stop.
I still don’t know-
If the attempt was prosperous
Or the musical protest was a flop?

The reek came closer,
The fingers played louder and faster.
The dipsomaniac spoke-
My price was settled by the dealer.
Enough to meet the addict’s expenditure.

The Music stopped for the last time.
The guitar was snatched and there ended
The play of notes, so sublime.
My mother would not let me go.
The dirty hands pushed her on the floor.
The sight made the anger in me grow
The addict had to be thrown out of the door.
He walked to my mother and kicked her to cry.
I lifted my guitar to give it a different try.
The guitar played a sound again
But this time it was for no musical gain.
The smash to his head made him fall on my feet.
The blood on the floor did not make me feel guilty any bit.

The Music had ended long back,
Now me and my guitar searched the identity rack.
It was not a weapon to kill,
But an instrument to feel.
And I was teased by everybody as Dumb Bill.
But not a boy of murderous skill.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Dream Called Life

A dream called life,
With sparks of fire,
With energy infinite,
And experiments excuisite.

With joy unending,
And love outpouring,
Though grief is a burden-
But it surely will get the curtain.

A new show will begin
High on drama and rich with chances.
Again a lot of solace, and a lot of greivances.
Life is a dream with all these nuances.

None opts for an answer.
None should question good or bad.
Just enjoy the bloom of a flower,
Equallly the pain of being sad.

The unknown unveils in its familiarity.
The known cheats in its solidaririty.

life is a dream!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Pleasing for many, Unpleasant for most.......

Look at the sun,
Enjoy the rain,
But do not forget
That they do bring pain.

People without a hut,
Mass in search of food,
What joy may sun or rain bring to them,
When they all suffer the loot?

Its easy for one to enjoy;
With a shed above the head,
With food on the plate,
But who asks the one, who
Regularly struggles for a bread,
And has the footpath for the bed?

We indulge in such pleasure
Not just in our leisure,
But also in our ignorance.

Monday, August 30, 2010

The Secular Nation That We Are II

Initially named as Indian Communalism this write up was composed at least two and a half years back. And my present day views have changed to a huge extent. However I put this up on my blog to share with my readers and friends, not just a view but also a transition, of which I am the product.
Anything about a countries political scenario has to have a resemblance with the country’s CONSTITUTION. And when we talk about Indian communalism the constitution itself is questioned. It is an interesting fact that the country that boasts of being secular in the international forum did not define themselves in the same way till 1976, which is till thirty years after independence. And funnily even after the forty-second amendment the word was mentioned only in the preamble and nowhere else. So does it reflect some kind of hypocrisy that a country was based on principles of secularism and did not have the word in their constitution for thirty years, and when it was finally introduced the word was singularly restricted within the ambit of the preamble only? These facts are enough to give rise to a sense of insecurity and confusion for many who still loves to think that “Mother India” loves all her children equally.
But the sense of pessimism has been encouraged again and again. Sometimes through the Sikh riots and sometimes through the incidents like Babri Masjid. And horribly enough even with India stepping in the 21st century with a never before economic growth rate elections in India can be easily won by playing the “hindutva” card. Narendra Modi a person who brought so much development to the state of Gujarat was not assured by his hard work but was satisfied with the knowledge of strategic communal politics in order to ensure that he will be called back in the state legislative for the next five years again. In very vivid words it is a matter of shame how the legislature and the politicians have been cheating the common Indian for a prolonged period. Corruption and all other issues are undoubtedly black spots on the nation but compromising with the very principles on which the nation was built is simply unacceptable. More so when the compromise is invited on grounds of humanitarian ethics.
The only places where a lot of communal harmony could be seen are places like Goa , West-Bengal, Kerala and Tripura and few more. What is to be noted in this regard is that barring a few exceptions these states have never recorded much of communal violence. But while highlighting on the peace procedures, one can easily make out the amount of communalism hidden. In Bengal for instance a large amount of discontent is growing within the mass as the government in order, not to disturb the peace has given unofficial relaxations to the religious minorities. For example the police department will make sure that no Hindu festivals use sound boxes after a time span, where as the complaints regarding the namaaz readings on mike round the clock has gone un-attended. So this is a clear situation where the government trying to portray secular ideas end up giving rise to communal dis-satisfaction.
It is indeed a rosy picture to see that a Sikh Prime Minister who was sworned in by a Muslim President is ruling the nation which is massively Hindu dominated. It gives people a sense of superiority when someone says India still has a bigger Muslim population than Pakistan which separated from the mainland with an intention of raising an Islamic nation. But the key point to be addressed is, are we doing enough to safeguard the principles that once encouraged our freedom fighters to risk their lives for the liberty. A time is coming when people will start recognising that their constitution shows them what they want to see and sheds of its responsibility after that without truly believing in them. The only hope is even if the legislature, the politicians and the executive keep on showing traits of communalism in their actions, the common Indian is still secular from deep inside.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Elections to wash the "June-Sin"

The present situation in Kashmir is unlikely to pacify due to a certain speech by the Prime Minister. However it was heartening to learn that the Indian Authorities are making an attempt to calm the boiling blood of the Valley.

In an Urdu speech broadcasted on the 10th of June in the Valley, the Prime Minister is seen to have come out in the open for the first time since 11th August. Some Credit has to go to Mr Jaitley, the leader of opposition in the Rajya Sabha, who unequivocally criticised the Prime Minister for his "Conspiracy of Silence" on the issue ever since 11th June, in the morning, on the floor of the House. The least that can be expected from the leader of the government, while regular curfews have become a way of life in a part of the country is some concern and an attempt to solve the issue. And silence hardly encourages any of these steps from being taken. However even though two months late, but finally the Prime Minister has come out in the open and have issued a statement regarding the situation in Kashmir. As some would say "better late than never". Cant comment on the validity of such excuses when it comes to the responsibilities of the nation on its Prime Minister though!!

However the "Late Speech", a welcome effort, from the Prime Minister bases itself on two major contentions. Firstly he proposes the idea of early Local Elections in Kashmir to bolster the faith of the population on its government and secondly he wants to encourage the Kashmiri youth into Indian Politics, through the youth wings of different political parties enjoying some sort of relevance in Kashmir. Even though it is a welcome effort by the Prime Minister but it portrays his failure to understand the cause behind such mass uproar.

Certain Facts to this Effect:

  1. It all started when a 17 year old local lad named Tufail Ahmed Mattoo died on his way back from the Friday prayers after being hit by a tear gas shell shot by the CRPF on June 11. ( Does anybody remember the Jalianwallah Masacre?)
  2. June 12th Rafiq Ahmed Bangaroo beaten to death by CRPF near his residence.
  3. Sopore witnesses brutal murder of Shakeel Ghanai and Firdous Khan aged 17 and 18 years respectively on June 25.
  4. 22 year old Bilawal Ahmed Wani shot in Sopore just two days later.
  5. A day later, Tajamul Bashir(20) and Tauqeer Rather(9) were killed in Delina and Sopore
  6. Following day CRPF firing kills Ishtiyaq Ahmed(15), Imtiyaz Ahmed Itoo(17) and Shujat ul Islam(17)

Ten young kashmiris murdered in less than 20 days is the ground reality in Kashmir and the Prime Minister wants to involve the Kashmiri youth in politics. The dead surely cant join and so goes their interest if any, and for the ones who are surviving them are surely not encouraged by the reality. May be they still cannot appreciate the factual situation in a rather ignorant way, the privilege to which lies only with the Prime Minister.

And more importantly the State needs to understand that elections can't wash away the sin committed by this disregard towards Human Blood. It is an earnest request that, the irresponsible field commanders of these CRPF regiments be brought to justice immediately as that is the only way that some faith could be reposed in the Valley.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Secular Nation That We Are

Citizens heavily rely on the Preamble of the Indian Constitution atleast when it comes to the "secular nation" issue. Actually thats all they have to rely on, to be honest. Gujarat and its 2002 genocide surely does not help the secular argument and nor does the recently passed Karnataka Anti Cow Slaughter Bill. Infact the presence of right wing parties like that of BJP in the Indian Parliament itself is enough to portray how secular India is.

But unfortunately for pseudo secularists even the Constitution shys away from talking about any secular principle elsewhere apart from the non binding part that we have already exaggerated much due to lack of alternatives. Rather it would be interesting to study Article 290A of our Constitution which obligates certain States to reserve funds for Trusts taking care of Hindu Temples. OH I AM SO SORRY!!!! Thats supposed to be ok, because according to practice in the Indian Courts a Hindu would mean a Jain, Sikh and Budhists too. Who cares if they dont like being tagged under another religious identity just because they are not comfortable, ultimately no one will dare raise their voice against our practice and even if they do it will just be another of those ruthless suppressions of freedom of speech and expression which would highlight the headlines of certain dailies for a few days untill the issue loses its sensationalising aspect with time.

So much for the love of our Constitution and its principles of equality and non-discrimination on religious grounds. After all we are supposed to be a "Secular Nation" .