Saturday, October 8, 2011

I Am I And You Are You

When I dragged you closer to me to hug you it was beacuse you are beutiful.
When I cried at your loss I was an emotional fool!
When you ignored my emotions and hurt me bad,
I was only exxaggerating and had no reason to be so sad.
When I in my arrogance gave you pain,
It was me in impulse, all insane.
When I lend you my hand and held you tight
I was the best, for you so right.
When my support for you caused you inconvinience,
I was the same one, yet this time caused your heart fright.

I was the same, My love remained true.
So was my loyalty, my kiss, my tear dew,
So was my heart, my desire and all my dreams that were blue.
But you judged me on past issues which were few.
The romance was bid an untimely adieu.
And you defined us where-
I was I And You were only You.


Finally the day has come.
Love lost to obstination,
Care lost to dogma,
And selflessness lost to impulsive language.

It was almost a new morning that night,
Certain emotions had been reincarnated in my heart after a long time
Though it started with a stupid fight
Still the atmosphere exuberated silent emotions sublime.
We planned to meet next day at the earliest.
Planned to celebrate this new togetherness with a fest.
The story starts with a shy moment of meeting
Of the old pals with an estranged heart in it's beating
The eyes seldom met, only to get the glimpse of the other one,
Without the dare to explain this uncanny fun.

Since then the meetings had been innumerable-
On the wayside of several city junctions, so memorable. 
The memory bolstered the poet in me to grow.
Write lines that rhyme naturally in its flow.
Late night fights and tearful eyes,
Sorrow and pain of every "good byes".
Helped the two come close. 
Devoid of this world, their friends or even their foes.

Memory narrates the union in so many pictures,
In arms, in alms, under the shed of the city palms
In pain, disdain, only to their strength's gain
In phuchkas, in rolls
In surprises, in tolls.

Distance comes  disguised,
Kills the truth and
Takes birth hatred  immortalised.
When wine precedes one's care,
And arrogance in its pride declare
War of minds take place.
Heart lost her face.

They still love each other.
But they will never be together.
Every thing has an end. 
We broke away from being chained.