Sunday, December 16, 2012

Old School!

Met within four walls, separated by our imagery-
Sat next to each other in an air full of camaraderie.

Friends we became, jokes we shared amateur in our hearts.
Stood together, faced the wall for wrongful homework parts.

First sip of alcohol and the first drag of smoke.
Meagre loans when one had money, the other one was broke.

Age advanced and romance was ripe,
Crushes around and a tearful wipe.

Bills worth the late night calls-
Crazy parents, for friends, with us their brawls.

Met again the next morning with a new romance in our head.
Consolations old, cheers bold “Go get her if you are my friend”!!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

In solidarity with the athletes! Not the nation! Not the Media

When the International Olympic federation suspends the membership of the Indian Olympic Association, it causes a lot of botheration and pain and the least of which is the inability to play under the tricolour. More importantly the issues at hand which are being missed out by the mainstream media is the considerable decline that will be witnessed in the amount of exposure the athletes have been getting.
Let it be absolutely clear that players and athletes have seldom received significant help from the puppet organisation mostly run by the ruling party at the centre. In fact reality would suggest pretty much the other way round where athletes of great mettle have vented their anger at the associations ignorant and insult full attitude towards them. Certain pivotal examples in this regard would be P.T.Usha, Dhanraj Pillai and many more. One thing common in the solution that these greats had proposed was to keep politics and more importantly partisan politicians away from sports who rarely come with any sporting genius. And today when the inevitable happens the beauracrats, the sports minister and even the heads in the association feign in an air of complete disbelief. While the International Association clearly hints that such a drastic step have been mandated only after repeated failure to reciprocate to the warnings issued by the international body to rectify their electoral process, the Indian Netas and Babus sweat it out to blame the international body itself and goes on with the same procedure of election which saw the rise of Kalmadi who is today infamous for amassing crores of money.
The major hurdle is yet to come. While the mainstream media is busy to cover the embarrassment of the tricolour very few seems concerned about the athlete. Yes! The athlete who sweats it out for 12-14 hours a day in training even after the government fails to provide for the basic nourishment needs of the citizenry in hope that someday he/she can make it to the big stage suddenly wakes up today only to realise that his ticket to the big stage has become all the more difficult only because the babus found their asses too comfortable in the chair. Not only will they have no national coverage but also less funds out of which the cuts in the process of reaching them still remains statutory like the warning on the cigarette pack.
So today the atheletes of India not only lack an identity in the big stage but also the funds that can help him reach there. And Olympics which is supposed to be an event of sports and athletes suddenly becomes a matter of nationality while the misery of the athlete goes unnoticed and unreported only because his misery does not sell as much as the national embarrassment. 

Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Change for Worse

While the people celebrated a new dawn of Bengal politics, behind the cover the smiling tyrant was assuming more power by every strike of the clock. Bengal went to assembly polls in West Bengal in the summer of 2011 in hope of a better future where she would refuse to nod at every call of the pseudo left and there petty bourgeois demands. Out of the 35 years of left rule, for most of it the tolerant Bengali had been waiting so eagerly for the Indian left to meet its promise and when they caught the catch of the these oppressors in the garb of a Marxist flag they came down to the streets and finally the left was shown the door. For quite some time the left had held to its chair by all sorts of election malpractices, the opposition to which once saw them rise to power. This was a clear case of the prophet turning the devil.
The attempt to put the “Indian Left” to sleep had been reflected in agitations since the Nandigram disaster   (where the state machinery forcefully acquired land from poor farmers to fuel them into this neo liberal hypocrisy and many farmers died) and the final nail on the CPIM coffin was hammered in the 2011 polls. But this was a time of great hope on the new government which not only started failing all aspirations of the common Bengali almost immediately after assuming power but slowly and steadily started revealing their real face which if not similar to the former regime is worse beyond any doubts. The civil society withdrew its support and then came the day when the autocratic attitude of Mamata Banerjee(Present Chief Minister)came into light when during a Television show a teenage girl asked her some very uncomfortable questions. Having no satisfactory response in her armoury she chose to brand the 19 year old a maoist and staged a walk out of the show only to avoid having to respond to the questions that every Bengali wanted to ask but this teen  girl dared to.
However such flip flops have not been new to the Mamata Banerjee genre of politics for she has been quite infamous of switching parties and changing alliances in lieu of greater political power. This sort of political brinkmanship had always been the highlight of her politics. This flip flop took a new turn when the Congress decided to enhance the anti people FDI in retail sector. In her election manifesto she had promised the same only to appeal to the corporate mafias of India and generate more funds for her election campaign. However seeing the mood of the general population and their contempt towards Foreign Direct Investment in FDI which poses survival threats on millions of retailers spread across the nation constituting the second biggest source of employment in the country, she decided to oppose the bill. To earn some legitimacy in the public eye and avoid the discomfort of having to justify her manifesto post elections; she decided to withdraw her support to the government.  She took it a step further by bringing a no-confidence motion against the government in the parliament only to add to her so called legitimacy with clear possession of the knowledge that she did not even have the requisite numbers to bring down the government. This was just a show only to brainwash the people however the people had caught her for a cheat by now and this time no other party could muster the courage to support her claim in the open parliament resulting in a situation where people displayed their no confidence to the party that was calling for no confidence against the government in the floor of the house. She garnered support from three BJD MP’s of Orrissa which is a party similarly placed with the Trinamool Congress when it comes to their political bankruptcy. 
Criticism against her was outpouring from all corners of the Indian society and Bengal had already started taking cognizance of the so called change. In a recent development otherwise known for his outrageous understanding of peoples right a former Justice of the Supreme Court of India, Markandey Katju(a former supporter) came in strong criticism of her rule. This is an astute example of how degrading the practices of Mamata Banerjee are when someone like Katju known for his pro censorship stand too can claim a higher moral ground over her. However in a bourgeois state like India, the common scene is to have people of low working class consciousness assume high offices of government, and Katju being the chairman of the Press Council of India, his comments were immediately highlighted in the Media. Katju soon shot off a letter to the West Bengal state government and when the Chief Minister was asked for her comments on the letter she first refused to acknowledge the receipt of any such letter in the signature style of denial that she is so well known for. However at the insistence of some newspapers she indirectly started hurling abuses at the members of media and Katju himself on record.
Such brazen display of power will not go well with the Bengalis a race that is well known for its contribution against the anti imperialist struggle against the British Empire. This change is of regime hardly reflects the aspirations of Bengal which are more concerned with food, shelter, and jobs. It can’t be a change for a Bengal of promise let alone be the promise of a resurgent Bengal. If anything, this rule is directly questioning whatever democratic rights that were still held by the people during the previous regime. And the people will unite to boot her out in the same fashion that they mastered during the 2011 polls against the Marxist landlords.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Fascist Messiah: Mamata Banerjee and her ten months

Messy slums, dirty clothes and a kind of a roof standing on something like bamboos. A shabby picture to some, to some eloquent suited ones in Armanis, it is abomination. Okay! Hold the thought.  Now imagine a guy stepping out of a chauffeur driven SUV walking straight into the drawing room adorned with Italian Marble and imported furniture. Now ask the same people and they would define this picture as epitome of Sophistication and the former one as visual pollution. Now place the two visuals side by side in your mind’s eye under the same tag line “Different nations in one”. One will realise the entire affair is moral pollution.
Something similar has happened recently in the urban so called cultural capital of the country which was trying to breathe fresh under the new government. A slum full of refugees and job seeking youth from rural Bengal had come and settled in this locality of Nonadanga with an ambition to start a new life with a new job. Nonadanga is what they have been calling home since the time they stepped in this city. A tin roof supported by those loosely held bamboo sticks have never interfered with their idea of what they saw for their home. Yes! It’s past tense now because on the afternoon of an unfaithful April sun, some municipality bulldozers had crushed them to dust while the crying mob was being beaten up by the men in uniform. In fact pregnant women too did not have any exception. Don’t know about the good things as there is so liitle of it around but when it comes to state sponsored terrorism, Mamata Banerjee truly has never discriminated against any caste or creed.  10 months completed at the Writer’s Building and the people in Bengal who once came out in huge majority to elect this representatives in hope of some relief from the assassins in Singur and Nandigram, are already relenting this change. It’s a pity that the youth who campaigned for the TMC some 11 months back wants re-election so that he can vote for the pseudo left not because they are good but because they are the lesser evil, or at least that is what they hope now. Because life for them has not really left them with any other alternative rather than to hope against another political hope. So let’s try and see what the Bengali working class has stood to benefit in these ten months of what was hailed as the historical change. 
To start with the government of West Bengal have managed to reshuffle the High School syllabus with a definite political motive which have seen most of the history chapters on Bolshevism and Marx disappear. Off course the intent is clear even though the path chosen is veiled. The attempt is a clear drive to brush off any possibility of the youth of Bengal taking interest in the names such as Marx and Bolshevik.  But what the rulers fail to appreciate is this insecurity within themselves and the crisis of capitalism that has made them to indulge in their fascist needs.  Marx is not just any name but a representative of an idea for working class amelioration and the one’s who act out of insecurity only does it at the cost of legitimising Marx himself.
Even if censorship were in fact the same thing as justice, in the first place this would remain a fact without being a necessity. But, further, freedom includes not only what my life is, but equally how I live, not only that I do what is free, but also that I do it freely. Otherwise what difference would there be between an architect and a beaver except that the beaver would be an architect with fur and the architect a beaver without fur?”

The oppressors in the garb of the state infiltrated with their insecurities have also chosen to impose severe punishments to holders of dissenting opinions. A professor, an academic, a respondent of the duties towards our future generation decided to play a spoil sport. Out of ignorance to the demands of the state he dared to create a cartoon of the honourable Chief Minister of Pashchim Banga. The cartoon a satire expressed her as a looter of public money in collaboration with her present railway minister Mukul Roy. And as a result the professor was arrested under a provision of law which was never meant for it. Before he was put inside the bar due to some directive from some unknown boss the officers had asked some local Trinamool party supporters or muscle thuds to walk inside the police station and man-handle the professor in broad day light with absolutely no resistance from the officials in duty who were reduced to mere spectators instead of enforcers of law and order for the time being.
But why would these people have dissented if she was doing things as fine as she claims them to be. In a recently held public meeting Ms. Banerjee had the audacity to face thousands of people from the working class in a public meeting and lie to them on their face. Her sole point was that her government deserves a 9 on 10 if evaluated by the sane. I guess she is now looking forward to change some of our well accepted definitions as well because I cant quite agree with her claims from the “sane” in this context.
However the fact remains that the people have been tired by her rule of ten months adorned with lies and fake promises. They don’t like it when favouritism is being shown to one religious sect at the cost of public exchequer only to meet her needs of vote bank politics. In a recent move she promised to pay wages to all maulavis of the state. This did not quite go down well even with her voters as the last thing they wanted in the name of the change is a subtle replacement of the CPIM misrule. Not only does the move distinguishes amongst common man on the basis of religion but the worst is it comes at the cost of the common tax payers sweat, and all this for her own vote bank garnish at a time when the state is under a 2000 crore debt.
In fact her ignorance towards the common tax payer has been a talking point for some time now. The first time this ignorance issue became a serious talking point was when she blamed a rape victim of getting raped only to conspire against her government. Yes and this came from a lady chief minister. The feminists of the country started rallying against her callousness and the bourgeois intellectuals complained vehemently over their cup of tea. This went on and its months now and the culprits are conveniently at large. In fact the brother of the alleged is a local Trinamool worker in their locality and a huge financer of the party’s local demands. And this is not all. The police officer who defied her and went on with the investigation only to prove that the rape charges were genuine and even arrested a few links was soon transferred to the training department. The culprit has not been found since then and the memory of the rape has been lost to the IPL frenzy.
Some people who kept on talking about these issues had seriously offended the already grumpy chief minister surrounded by “conspiracies”! a few of these news papers who would occasionally go on writing about the nuisance that they thought the new government was, managed to displease the rulers so much that the state sponsored libraries failed to renew their subscriptions to these infidel papers of the state under a new law which sought to regulate which papers to be allowed and which ones not in the state library. Some idiots would suppose it was done in the interest of common reader and not a move towards political vendetta. But Ms Banerjee has been openly taking names of some media houses that are deservedly critical about her. The two being a co incidence does not seem like an idea worth conviction to the ones with some grey matter.
Besides the government from within too is not a very pleasant place to be. The infighting between the Congress and the Trinamool is costing the working class a lot of welfare because of the indecision that the inner conflicts have brought along. The partnership is beyond its honeymoon phase and the poorer by the day is at its tolerance’s last. They want an alternative. An alternative which gives them solutions and not the ones which are just products of this capitalist set up and the less evil is the choice of the day.
The people of Bengal need a political face that upholds the working class priorities. They are fed up of the Bhattacharyas and the Banerjees which are churned out of the same capitalist ideas. One might claim to be the messiah of change or the harbinger of industrialisation but Bengal has come to date with its reality. The solution only rests in the mind that is politically conscious of working class needs, and the heart that dares to build a party to the calls of a revolution. A party that acts as a facilitator in the build up to the revolution and vanguards the objective of the revolution once the ruler is behind the bar and the workers on the throne. 

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Farmer Poet's Revolt

With pen held close to his chest he thought,
He believed and he pursued his poetry
No currency was sufficient for the lines to be bought
As his poems were his oratory
To change the old world
Where people die everyday
Commands he who has the sword
And a skillful drama at every corner and promises for a street play

The lines cared little for a rhyme
It cared for a hymn
Which would be for the mass
To challenge their struggle at every grass

And so he wrote and filled up pages with his gibberish
To wake up the society still feverish

He believed that the words would one day carve a new dawn
Where it was the same between the king and the pawn

One night, late after he completed his daily poetic shit
Prepared he was to dance to his new heart beat
At last he had found those lines
And believed he, no one could challenge the coming times.

And with the greetings of the wooden cuckoo
At early morning two
Knocked his doors a never heard before hand
Strange voice calling his name informed he and his writings were banned.

Tears had no choice but to wait while angry Jose opened the door
Faced the black hat pair, show caused them he with his sickle, his only weapon, a revolting poor
They smiled and told him they were the agents of the sovereign
And for this unruly act he must go to the prisoners inn

Defiant Jose, ran the sickle in the air
Six chambers filled came out a revolver
Two distinct gunshots piercing the calm
Saved four, and Jose lay in his own bloods arm.
Not a single one ran to his rescue
The smoke from his hut came down as dark dew

Died Jose not alone but with his dear lines
His poetry received their funeral
But cold Jose was not buried
For him there were no spines .

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Disloyal Confession

Why did you love me so much
An option you had to not love
And desperate to cry that today I am
Realise I that my loyalty was a sham.

I cribbed, I battled
With my own disloyal self
Searched for the truth I so much
Glorified was my failure as much
Victory we sought
But wasn't ours to have

An option to think beyond my evil self
In search
I plundered my own heart's shelf
Not a book, Not a chapter on your name
Yes it is a shame

But did I ever deny that?
Did I ever disagree?
That one day I would fail your love
One day, from you, I will set myself free. 


Victory, Victory, I crib so much
Battle In my mind
Doubt of suspicion
Nervousness glorified
Not all pleasant
I think, to think beyond
Realise so much
Victory so much.

A part of CSA camp.

Happy to Think Beyond

Doubt of suspicion
Yet I try
Not all pleasant
Nervousness, rapid like fire
Desperate to cry
Doubt of fear
In my Mind
Risks aren't low
An option to think beyond
Happy so much, Glorified so much.

A part of CSA camp

I Try

Ponder in consciousness
In my mind
To think beyond
I crib, but necessary
I think
So much nervousness
Yet I try......

Part of the CSA Camp