Thursday, March 17, 2011


American Imperialist intentions stand exposed yet again at the cost of revealing the true character of Indian Politicians from the ruling class and also the bourgeois party's that they hail from. The recent cable exposed by the whistle blower site has clarified the doubts regarding the compromising attitude of these parliamentary instruments in the negative, and their inadequacy to address a working class agenda which has the maximum contribution for the running of the nation. They have been doing this behind the scenes only to be exploited time and again and its time that the fight is initiated to bring the power to them.

 The Government alreday under tremendous pressure from questions being asked about the legitimacy of their intentions towards public service finds itself morally challenged to answer any of the interrogations hurled at them with scams hitting them one after the other. Adarsh, 2G, CWG succeded each other with little time in between for the governement of the day to be able to cook up any defense that might buy them some time. And now the cash for vote revelation has brought along with it an undeniable claim of resgination of the entire Government. But unfortunately the problem thats stands at the face of the Indian working class today is a lack of alternative. Their alternative is to opt for a communal power which fundamentally can never work for the holistic development of the Indian society with the Working class at the recieving end again.

It would be worthwhile to note at this juncture that it was during the NDA regime that the countries population surviving below poverty line was immensely increased. And so the ground situation remains that the lesser evil wil prevaill (either remain or come to power) but never will the societies right to "no evil" be actualised!! So its time for the working class of India to protest against them and their rights being taken for granted and initiate struggle to depose the poltical powers which in all respect has been testified to be incompetent to work for the upliftement of the exploited over the years. And this can happen only by constructing conciousness about the need of a working class revolution and a working class party within the mass who in turn has to commit themselves to the building of such a party. A party that would have a three point agenda as their priority:

1. No to communalism and nepotism
2. No to Imperialism whether in ones own pursuasion of it or ones willing submission to it
3. A struugle towards empowering the workers 

And Its Time rather HIGH TIME that we revolt for exactly what we deserve rather than settling for the least compromised agenda!!