Friday, December 30, 2011


We gathered to speak our rights
They came and told us we have none
We resisted them with our fights
They called us names and snatched our bun.
They told everybody we were evil, enemies of the nation
Hypocrites with words and heckled our mission.

Some who did not believe their tongue
Were made to swear on god
They had to prove their innocence
With their hand on their children's head

We kept  demanding for what was ours.
Bullets, grenades were dropped in showers
The fat man on the chair would laugh
Meat on his plates and eyes at the flat screen plasma.

We persisted.
Some of us fell.
Some of us lived for another day so that they could tell the tale

What happened next still awaits in future,
When the fat man ran and they dropped his couture.
No one believed their vague propaganda anymore
We were asked for the rights and therefore

The last we talked some asked us our names.
We said call us Dear Comrades. 

May I

You sing to merry in painful tune
What joy is there in sorrow?
You walk aloof of world and me
Is there none in the crowd, for you to borrow ?
Why you buy your own flowers?
Where is your love hiding?
When you sad and your eye showers
May I be your confiding?

You pretty smell, you eyes of smoke.
Will you be mine to have?
The divine blessing I cannot assure.
Promise I still of comfort and care.

But don't you test me for a mere trial;
For togetherness should never conclude in denial.
If not me I still will glow-
Brighter than your own smiles flow.
Till I see you sing to merry-
In joyous company,
Abandoning all melancholy.  

Wait for You

Wait I still on my knees-
Aches not my limbs but my heart,
Not the cold floor on my skin,
But the chilling thought of never finding you in my inn.

Ladies with beauty and women of passion.
Have come by and left my desolate station.
Their company had been so sweet-
Today I distrust my own dear feet.
The pair of feet that promise to take me on a walk.
A walk in search of love and you.
A walk for solace and love that is true.

Will you help me today in this need?
Dear oh come and give me your lead.
Search I will, but help I seek.
Give me a sign, my fingers await your cheek.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Train Away from Past

With no time left on my wrist,
No more seconds to spare at destiny's tryst,
Decide I against my hearts will,
Letting my desires only half fill.

Set out I, on this new journey-
Strange faces hovering all around me.
With the bumps of the track and the engine whistling-
Move I, towards a new beginning. 

A new beginning from the roots of a familiar past,
Promise the hero, failure the heroine of this new dreams cast.
Visualise, only I can, this dream in mind's celluloid,
Awaiting the inner audiences clap to conclude this void. 

Ignorant Rage

Look at me you cruel eyes, face me with your vicious sight.
Pain you bring to me no more, mortal me is ready to fight.

Struggle I will with time and you.
Picturesque memories old and new.
Into ashes will they be turned.
Boiling blood in me be churned.

Last but once left it is.
A face-off for the righteous keys.
Silent it may be but filled with rage.
Ignorance it might be on the last page.