Friday, October 1, 2010

Common Wealth Games in Indian Colour

Just when we were not happy enough being apostles of a modified colonialist structure, we found our old way of satisfying ourselves realising our lust for corruption. And obviously to make things undoubtedly unpleasant the corrupt movement had to be led by a political face in this case a member of the Lower House (Lok Sabha) of India. Though his stake in the Indian Olympic federation has been questioned time and again, abhorrently unbothered, Suresh Kalmadi takes the first opportunity to accept the lead towards a corrupt organisation of the Delhi common wealth games.
For the first time in the history of the games, people are talking about how inhuman the accommodation facilities of the athletes are twenty days prior to the Games rather than the display of cultural and sporting interactions for a change. Can’t really blame those people, when the organisers have provided for Jaguar taps that leak, branded toiletries, that do not function and cosy beds with dog foot marks all over the mattresses. To make things worse for everybody else, the Indian ir-responsible authorities, have ensured that there are also problems of water logging in the verandah and the entry exit points to the buildings which has been erected for the purpose of athlete accommodation and regarded as games village.
The latest reports coming in bring another good news. Half of the volunteers have taken their kits and found a suitable exit from their responsibilities. We as nationals of India have again failed our state when it needed our support the most. It is high time that every individual starts considering his role as a part of the government’s role when it comes to nation building and making national events successful. A citizens contribution and responsibility does not end with a vote it stretches far beyond it.
To end this I have a few suggestions:
Ø People start considering themselves as a part of the government and welcomes the responsibilities thus falling upon them.
Ø Whether one agrees or not but one should not quit his responsibility mid way even for the sake of protestation as that would be an easy way out and nations cant be built on easy options.
Ø We must turn intolerant to all sorts of corruption.
Ø Ministers and other political figures should not be allowed to head sports federations unless he has been a sporting figure himself. (I do not doubt the possibility of finding efficient promoters of sport but it is not a risk worth taking when the practice has been vastly contrary.)
Ø After the games end there must be an investigative body instituted comprising of retired but honest IPS/IAS officers and eminent Jurists.
All the Best to the Games!! All the best to all the athletes!! I wish I could have congratulated the Indian Government and its people equally at the end of the games.

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